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Maybe my last post came across as very strongly worded, so I wanted to throw in a quick explanation here. Let’s look at Google’s pronouncements regarding ‘open’ and Android. For reference, look at the report by Techcrunch in May 2010, after Google announced Froyo, a new version of Android at its I/O event.

Here’s a relevant quote:

Google was trying to articulate a clear message: Apple is closed, we are open. Gundotra must have said the word “open” at least a dozen times. This theme reemerged several times throughout the keynote, at one point, Gundotra turned to the audience and simply said: “It turns out, on the internet, people use Flash….Part of being open means you’re inclusive rather than exclusive.”

So, here is this company, declaring its commitment to open, and its commitment to Flash, which is NOT open. Anyhow, May 2010, Google is all about open. In 2014, Google commits to making even hardware ‘open’ through its project Ara. And then in 2016, Google kills Ara, and proudly shows off a phone, and a revamp of its smartphone strategy, where now we are expected to celebrate the fact that Google is now controlling everything–the hardware, the branding, the industrial design–all of it.

And people all lap it up, without stopping to question it all. Google commits to an ideological stance, only to do a complete about-turn a few years later, and then claim THAT as the greatest thing ever. And nobody bats an eyelid. In fact, people fall for it all–hook, line, and sinker, as they say. Hence the word buffoons.

If you think I’m exaggerating, watch this video from that 2010 event, where Vic Gundotra takes on Apple:

So the company that wanted ‘innovation at every stack,’ and ‘openness’ is now proudly selling a phone that it controls at every level.

But listen to that cheering at the 2.59 mark, where Vic suggests that Apple is the draconian, Orwellian future that we want to avoid. Can you hear all those buffoons cheering? You see how they buy all of Google’s lies unquestioningly?

They are all engineers in that room. You’d think at least a few of them would have had the sense to ask: if Google is all about openness, and fights against a future where ‘one company’ is in control of something critical, how is it that Google’s search engine, and all related tech is completely closed? There’s nothing open source about any of that.

The truth is, that Draconian future is already here. And Google is the bad guy. The lying, authoritarian, omniscient, entity hungry for power, and completely devoid of any ideology beyond self-interest that we all feared? That’s Google.

The sad part is that there is an army of buffoons, incapable of independent critical thinking, that keeps buying all of Google’s lies.

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